MiKa Marketing Group was founded by Michelle Davis, MBA. Inspired by her love for marketing and her entrepreneurial spirit, Michelle sought out a way to marry the two. She wanted to create a way for small businesses to expand through marketing with a personal experience. Catering to each individual client’s needs and getting to know them along the way is what makes Michelle’s vision unique.


Michelle graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a BS in Business Management and went on to obtain her Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Communications. As a certified event planner, Michelle enjoys planning and coordinating all types of events, from social to professional and everything in between! She has a broad spectrum of experience within the legal field, construction industry, financial services and the healthcare industry. Her knack for marketing came naturally and her passion for events exudes her!


Michelle balances her life as a marketer, a happy mommy and loving wife! In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, being active and creating products for her natural skincare line, Hippie Roots.


Michelle Davis, MBA

Founder & Marketing Consultant



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